FLUIDNATEK LE-50: When processing power and benchtop machine are combined

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Fluidnatek LE-50
Advanced benchtop nanofiber electrospinning machine for R&D with sophisticated process control

Environmental control is critical to ensuring consistent and reproducible proof of concept. The Fluidnatek LE-50 can be fitted with an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) capable of heating-cooling and drying-humidifying, with ranges of 20-45ºC for temperature and 20-80% for relative humidity (see psychrometric chart).

Although it is an advanced nanofiber electrospinning machine, its compact design and small size (benchtop electrospinning machine) mean it can located in small spaces in the lab where free space is often scarce.

It is an ideal nanofiber electrospinning machine when R&D projects with advanced and versatile functions are wanted or required, including precise, sophisticated process control.

Advanced functions that give the user extensive process flexibility, including:

  • Needle-based & needle-less technology available in a single electrospinning device.
  • Ability to process 2 different solutions at the same time with independent voltage level and scanning function.Nanofiber electrospinning machine able to create electrospun hybrid structures.
  • Electro-blow spinning ability available.
  • Advanced tools for real-time data collection: process variables, equipment variables, process alarm management, etc.
  • Tools geared towards Industry 4.0.
  • Tools geared towards process automation with sequential and variable stages that can change with time.


Technical information

See all the features in our technical information sheet.

General view of the Fluidnatek LE-50 electrospinning machine

Top view of the Fluidnatek LE-50 electrospinning machine