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High-Definition Process Data Hub

In general in industrial processes, data collection tools are essential to correctly monitor the process, to precisely track all key process variables, and to ensure the process has been completed within acceptable limits of variability in order to consider the product batch manufactured as “correct”. This is particularly critical in certain sectors, such as the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. It is even more relevant in a process such as electrospinning and electrospraying, in which many variables can affect the result.

This is why, based on our industrial experience in manufacturing with electrospinning and a lack of certain relevant data that we had to face in the past, we developed our unique High-Definition Process Data Hub tool.

The High-Definition Process Data Hub is a real-time data collection tool that enables the user to monitor a large number of variables that might be involved in the electrospinning process. This includes both process variables and equipment variables, as it is important for the process and the electrospinning machine used to develop or manufacture to perform optimally. The user selects the process and/or machine variables to be monitor in a specific process, and the user configures a dashboard for that specific process. The High-Definition Process Data Hub tool displays all the data and graphs for a given electrospinning process on the dashboard in real time.

In addition, the user of the Fluidnatek electrospinning machine sets the process control limits for each critical variable (upper and lower limit), and the tool will inform the user through several communication channels if any critical variable is outside the control limits defined for a determined electrospinning process.

The High-Definition Process Data Hub tool can be used to track and control multiple electrospinning machines (Fluidnatek platforms). In other words, a single tool from a remote control point can be used to monitor and control our entire pool of electrospinning machines. Every electrospinning process is deeply monitored.

Therefore, by appropriately using the High-Definition Process Data Hub and the reports that can be compiled, any company, research department or manufacturing department can provide evidence that they are capable of consistently developing and producing with electrospinning technology.