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Field deflectors

Multi-emitter/multi-nozzle injectors are suitable for increasing the throughput of the electrospinning process. Switching from a single nozzle to multiple nozzles or emitters involves the increased production of the grammes of material deposited per unit of time and/or unit of area, whether we are producing a nonwoven or electrospun sheet or producing powder, i.e. electrosprayed particles.

However, this in turn leads to a processing problem, given that multiple jets close together results in electrostatic repulsion (do not forget that, in electrospinning, the solution to be processed is electrically charged). This repulsion between jets means that the uniformity of the fibre mesh or membrane is lower than it would be if the jets did not divert their path as a result of this repulsion. This undesired effect is even more pronounced in jets at the ends of the multi-nozzle injector, the paths of which are typically diverted even more.

Fluidnatek has therefore developed multi-emitter/multi-nozzle injectors with field deflectors. Thanks to their special geometry and size, the field deflectors help eliminate or at least minimise this repulsion between the jets. This leads to more homogeneous mesh or membrane, with a more uniform fibrous morphology.

Depending on the injector and the type of emitters/nozzles used, field deflectors can be of a different size and geometry in order to optimise the process.