Fluidnatek premium options for advanced electrospinning:
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“Stay one step ahead: metrology in real time”

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Slit Injector

“Stay one step ahead: needle-based & needle-less technology in one single platform”

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Climate control


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Electro-blow spinning

“Stay one step ahead: benefit from electrospinning & electro-blow spinning in one single platform”

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High-Definition Process Data Hub

“Stay one step ahead: know the insights of your process in real time”

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Fiber-yarn collector system


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Field deflectors

“Stay one step ahead: take homogeneity to a higher level”

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Industry 4.0

“Stay one step ahead: benefit from industry 4.0 oriented functionalities”

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Something that makes us different from others and adds more exclusive value to our customers and users is the variety of advanced functions and premium options we have developed for our electrospinning equipment. We always start from the experience and process knowledge acquired and then implement this knowledge into the technology (electrospinning equipment), and not the other way around.

  1. To offer thorough process control. Because there are many different variables governing the electrospinning process, we are aware that the key to success in electrospinning involves excellent process control. This is always an essential goal in the electrospinning equipment we made.
  2. To offer advanced functions to provide user flexibility and versatility when making different spinning arrangements and configurations and producing different types of electrospun products. The more versatile and unique our electrospinning equipment is, the higher the value provided to our customers

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Premium electrospinning

To ensure thorough process control, which is vital in the electrospinning field, we recognize the intricate variables governing the electrospinning process. Success in producing high-quality nanofiber materials using electrospinning involves not just understanding but mastering the control of these variables. This principle is central to the design and function of our electrospinning equipment. We aim always to enhance the precision, uniformity, and quality of the nanofiber membranes and thin-layers produced, making our machinery a beacon of innovation in the electrospinning industry.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond just manufacturing equipment; we strive to provide advanced functions offering our users unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Our electrospinning machinery allows for a multitude of spinning arrangements and configurations, enabling the production of diverse types of electrospun products, including singular electrospinning nanofiber materials.

Customer feedback and collaborative partnerships also play a crucial role in our development process. We believe that understanding the practical challenges and needs of those who use our electrospinning equipment is essential. This feedback loop ensures that our technology not only meets the current demands of the market but also anticipates future trends and requirements in the field of nanofibers by electrospinning.

Our unique position in the electrospinning field comes from a combination of advanced technological innovation, deep industry knowledge, deep electrospinning process knowledge, and a strong commitment to customer success. We are not just manufacturers; at the Bioinicia Group we are pioneers, continually pushing the limits of electrospinning technology to provide our customers with the tools they need to discover, innovate, and lead in their respective fields. We drive the technology to boost the production of nanofibers with electrospinning to the next level.