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Industry 4.0

Bioinicia Fluidnatek takes an Industry 4.0 approach in the electrospinning technology we develop. We are aware that this is an area in increasing demand by industry and even by our academic customers. The concept of Industry 4.0 involves access to a wide multitude of data and variables involved in the process – in our case the electrospinning process – being able to perform real-time monitoring and data mining, statistics, correlations and different forms of data representation, with access to data from different platforms and locations, etc.

Therefore our goal is leveraging Industry 4.0 advancements to elevate electrospinning technology, addressing the growing demands of both industrial and academic sectors. Embracing Industry 4.0, Fluidnatek offers sophisticated software tools enabling a much higher flexibility to command and monitor the electrospinning instrument from everywhere using any platform, but also accessing all data of electrospinning processes deep in detail in real time.

We therefore offer different software tools geared towards the concept of Industry 4.0:

Remote visualization & commanding software tool

The remote visualization and command software tool allows users to operate electrospinning machines from afar, aligning with Industry 4.0’s digital and connected ethos.

This tool enables the user to view and command the control panel of the electrospinning machine remotely, as if they were physically next to the machine without having to be. In line with the concept of Industry 4.0.

Process automation with programmable off-line recipes

The “Programmable sequential multi-step recipe function” software tool we have developed enables the user to automate their processes by programming the process steps and parameters for each specific formula. This means that the electrospinning machine will be capable of automating the process of any formula previously been programmed, even if the process involves different steps or sequential stages in which the process parameters vary over time. This is a powerful electrospinning process automation tool.

However, this tool also includes the programmable off-line formulas function, which enables the user to programme processes remotely from their local platform (computer or laptop), without having to be physically next to the electrospinning machine, and to programme from its control panel, in order to subsequently upload the formulas programmed in the machine. This function offers great versatility and flexibility in the management and operating of electrospinning process automation.

The introduction of programmable sequential multi-step recipes automates electrospinning, skipping the human intervention and possible human mistakes. This automation extends to remote process programming, adding flexibility and efficiency to electrospinning operations.

High-Definition Process Data Hub

This software tool, which we explain in more detail in a specific part of this section, enables the user to remotely monitor a large number of process parameters and signals from the electrospinning machine (20+ variables) defined in a dashboard the user has configured, in real time from a laptop or smart phone. Thorough monitoring of the electrospinning process from any location. Automated alert management when a variable exceeds the control limits established in the process.

All the versatility needed for any user to monitor the evolution of the process in progress at any time and from any location. The “High-Definition Process Data Hub” tool is also designed to monitor multiple Fluidnatek machines at the same time: the entire production room with all its processes in progress can be monitored from just one terminal with this tool.

Fluidnatek’s integration of electrospinning with Industry 4.0 principles not only enhances manufacturing insights, smart automation and access to deep data of the electrospinning process in real time, but also represents a significant stride in the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing techniques. Through these innovations, Fluidnatek positions electrospinning as a strategic component within the modern industrial landscape, promoting efficiency, connectivity, and innovation in manufacturing processes.

This set of functions means that the electrospinning machines developed by Fluidnatek can be ready to take the leap into Industry 4.0.