Stay one step ahead: Needle-based &
needle-less technology in one single platform

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Slit injector

There are two predominant technologies in the electrospinning solution technique: needle-based (with multiple emitters or nozzles) and needle-less (no emitters/nozzles). The electrospinning injector needed is different in needle-based and needle-less technology. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages, and neither one can be considered the best in all cases: our experience after processing many formulas tells us that, depending on the materials, solvents, and product requirements, needle-based electrospinning or needle-less electrospinning may be more suitable.

Fluidnatek electrospinning machines can use either needle-based spinning injectors or needle-less spinning injectors. All in one machine.

Slit Injector is our needle-less electrospinning technology, a singular injector for electrospinning without the need of needles. More importantly, with the Slit Injector the user can directly control the flow rate, which is an extremely important process parameter in electrospinning. The opening or “slit” of this needle-less injector can be adjusted within a range to optimise the process and the throughput obtained. We therefore stand out from other injectors and needle-less technologies by allowing greater process control which, in turn, results in greater versatility and better results. This makes the Slit Injector to be an injector for electrospinning rather unique.

We are therefore moving away from needle-less technologies known as open surface in which there is greater variability and a lack of homogeneity in the process. With the Slit Injector, there is still a significant degree of control when operating in needle-less mode. For us at Fluidnatek, control and homogeneity are essential in a process. This includes also the design of our electrospinning injectors