SPINBOX: The easy & fun
electrospinning system for beginners

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The ideal entry level electrospinner system for basic R&D with electrospinning-electrospraying

It is ideal electrospinner lab equipment for new solutions in early stages of your R&D project.

Any concept-tested solution in Spinbox can be eventually moved to equipment in the Fluidnatek range for optimisation and scaling.

Cost-effective and safe electrospinner for users with little experience in electrospinning or using professional electrospinning lab equipment.

In terms of user safety, the Spinbox electrospinning system offers safety measures that any home-built system: closed chamber, exhaust ventilation system, safety interlock in case anyone opens the door (total shutdown), a design that prevents static electricity discharges, compliant with EU regulations on electrical safety, etc. Professional electrospinner providing high safety levels.

If you have little experience in electrospinning, we provide 3 pre-configured Spinbox Kits to meet anyone’s needs and budget: Basic Spinbox Kit, Intermediate Spinbox Kit, and Advanced Spinbox Kit. Select the electrospinner configuration that suits you best!


Technical information

See all the features in our technical information sheet.

Single emitter processing

Electrospun membrane deposited onto a drum collector

Spinbox cabinet