FLUIDNATEK LE-500: R&D manufacturing in one single electrospinning platform

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Fluidnatek LE-500
High-performance pilot-scale electrospinning production plant electrospinning instrument for advanced R&D, process scaling,
pre-series industrial manufacturing

It can be operated in “R&D mode” or in “manufacturing mode”. It is an ideal electrospinning instrument for the manufacture of larger batches (industrial pre-series) of flat electrospun products on a roll-to-roll collector and with considerable throughput

Optimal scaling on a Fluidnatek LE-500 electrospinning instrument with up to 370 emitters/nozzles, offering a high degree of probability that the process is also scalable and processable in a Fluidnatek HT industrial machine with thousands of emitters/nozzles.

Precision solution feeding systems to process to 8 litres of solution for larger batches.

Environmental control is critical to ensuring consistent and reproducible production. The Fluidnatek LE-500 can be fitted with an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) capable of heating-cooling and drying-humidifying, with ranges of 20-45ºC for temperature and 20-80% for relative humidity (see psychrometric chart).

This electrospinning instrument enables to implement real-time, in-line thickness metrology & in-line area density metrology systems available. In some processes, thickness control and/or gsm (grams per square metre) control are critical to validate the electrospun product manufactured.

A multitude of advanced tools: tools geared towards Industry 4.0, needle-based & needle-less technology available, real-time data collection tools for process and equipment variables with configurable dashboard and alarm management, advanced process automation, electro-blow spinning ability, etc.
Highly upgradable electrospinning instrument designed to be a powerful pilot-production plant!


Technical information

See all the features in our technical information sheet.

Multi-emitter spinning injector arrangement in a Fluidnatek LE-500 platform

Linear multi-emitter spinning injector

Multi-emitter spinning injector arrangement over a roll-to-roll collector