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Bioinicia Fluidnatek, prominent electrospinning specialist within the Bioinicia Group, excels in designing, engineering, and manufacturing premium level electrospinning and electrospraying equipment. Our product portfolio ranges from small benchtop equipment for R&D to powerful pilot-scale production plants and even large industrial equipment for the mass production of electrospun membranes.

Electrospinning involves the production of fibres to generate membranes, thin films or nonwovens; whereas electrospraying involves the production of particles (powder). See the About electrospinning section for more information on these techniques.

As an electrospinning specialist, we ensure our equipment, marketed under the Fluidnatek® and Spinbox® brands names, meets the highest standards. This defines our commitment as the premium electrospinning equipment manufacturer.


What sets us apart?

One of the things that sets us apart is that we are electrospinning specialists, meaning our products and services are those of a premium manufacturer of electrospinning & electrospraying equipment. What does this mean in practice?

Advanced functionalities

We offer advanced systems and functions in our Fluidnatek electrospinning & electrospraying equipment as a result of the company’s ongoing innovative spirit and our work with the other companies in the Bioinicia Group in the development and manufacturing of electrospun materials (and electrosprayed materials).

Engineering Department

We have an experienced engineering department that enables us to offer custom equipment solutions: we develop custom electrospinning equipment based on customer-specific technical and process requirements. PQ or Performance Qualification to validate a specific process on a determined machine configuration is a service we are able to render as well.

Benefits for our customers

Our customers benefit from simpler development and transfer of their products to cGMP, GAMP and ISO 13485-certified processes, as the Fluidnatek electrospinning equipment allows for the process to be fully monitored and any parameter or variable controlled during processing.

Environmental control

Fluidnatek provides a full environmental control unit for batch-to-batch consistency and production reproducibility.

Great knowledge

Fluidnatek technology is based on a deep understanding of electrospinning and electrospraying processes, which enables us to design our equipment and systems based on the lessons learned from process experience. We therefore go from process to technology, not the other way around. This is the confidence and guarantee we provide as electrospinning specialists.

Customer service

After-sales service and customer support is also critical for Fluidnatek, and is as important as the equipment itself. That is why we also offer a premium service to our customers.

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Bionicia Group

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The Bioinicia Group to which Bioinicia Fluidnatek belongs, stands as a world leader and an experienced electrospinning specialist in nano- and micro-structured material development and production. Since 2012, we have amassed significant expertise in electrospinning and electrospraying technologies. Thus our position as an electrospinning specialist is cemented by our commitment to quality, process knowledge and innovation over the last +10 years.

The group encompasses various companies, each specializing in different sectors related to electrospinning and electrospraying, from R&D and contract development services to the manufacturing of micro- and nano-structured products at large scale, as well as the design and development of electrospinning technology (electrospinning equipment manufacturer – Bioinicia Fluidnatek company).

Our infrastructure includes several industrial production plants, highlighting our role as an electrospinning specialist. These facilities comprise a GMP and ISO 13485-certified fibre production plant for pharmaceutical and biomedical products, a plant dedicated to the mass production of non-medical electrospun products, and an industrial facility for producing electrosprayed particles. With over a decade as an electrospinning specialist, the Bioinicia Group remains committed to advancing the field and providing top-tier solutions to our clients.

The sectors and applications where the Bioinicia Group has the greatest knowledge and specialisation are:





Food / Nutraceuticals

Performance materials