PROSTERILE PLATFORM by Fluidnatek: World´s first electrospinning machine for sterile products

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The Bioinicia Group has proven experience in the biomedical sector. We have developed projects for medical devices in which the electrospinning process played a fundamental role, and have also developed electrospinning equipment for leading biomedical companies in the development and production of electrospun medical products.

As a result of this experience, we ultimately realised that the biomedical sector required electrospinning equipment with special features that vary depending on the type of application. That is why we developed a range of equipment designed specifically for different, very specific biomedical products and applications: BioTubing®, BioFlat®, BioDevice®, and ProSterile®.

Fluidnatek ProSterile

Engineered electrospinning machine for in-line aseptic bioprocesses in applications such as personalised medicine using tissue engineering, scaffolds for generation of organoids, etc.

If you require a process under the utmost conditions of in-line cleanness and sterility because a subsequent sterilisation process is not possible (for example, if you are using cells in scaffolds or even stem cells for personalised medical treatments or the production of organoids, etc.), the Fluidnatek LE-50 ProSterile electrospinning instrument is ideal for you.Sterile electrospinning for the most demanding medical applications.

Thanks to its vacuum antechamber, the user can remove traces of solvent while maintaining ISO 5 cleaning conditions (particle counting) using the gloves.

Maximum process control, including of course our Environmental Control Unit (ECU) for precise temperature and humidity control in the chamber.

The glove box port implemented in the Fluidnatek LE-50 ProSterile intended to conduct sterile electrospinning means that all items inside the chamber can be conveniently handled and any spinning arrangement carried out without opening the door, ensuring sterile conditions.


Technical information

See all the features in our technical information sheet.

Cabinet of the Fluidnatek ProSterile platform

Gloves port system in a Fluidnatek ProSterile platform