Stay one step ahead: Benefit from electrospinning & electro-blow spinning in one single platform

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Electro-blow spinning

Electro-blow spinning, a novel and innovative approach in the field of material science, ingeniously merges the principles of electrospinning and blow spinning to fabricate nonwoven fibrous structures. This hybrid technique capitalizes on the strengths of each method to produce materials with unique characteristics. In electro-blow spinning, a solution is ejected through an injector, while a coaxial air flow envelops the solution jet, propelling it towards a collector, meaning it is not a process fully driven by electrostatic forces (like electrospinning) but also by the force provided by an air stream. This process is facilitated by applying a high voltage to the solution, a characteristic feature of electrospinning, which aids in the rapid drying of the solution by evaporating the solvents, resulting in the formation of fibers. We could call this hybrid technique just electro-blowing.

The incorporation of a coaxial air flow, a hallmark of blow spinning, in electro-blow spinning allows for the creation of fibers with a diameter that is typically larger than those produced solely by electrospinning. These fibers, while thicker, maintain a level of homogeneity and uniformity in the fibrous meshes that is superior to those produced by conventional blow spinning techniques, since pure blow spinning is usually a more chaotic process as well as less fine tunable. This unique combination of electrospinning and blow spinning techniques in electro-blow spinning (or just electro-blowing) not only enhances the structural homogeneity of the fibrous meshes compared with pure blow spinning, but also increases the overall throughput of the process, making it a highly efficient method for producing nonwoven materials.

Moreover, the versatility of electro-blowing extends to its ability to process a wide range of polymers and materials, thereby broadening its applicability across various industries, including filtration, medical textiles, and composite materials. The adaptability and efficiency of electro-blow spinning make it a promising technique for the future of material fabrication, offering a synergistic solution that leverages the best of both electrospinning and blow spinning methodologies.

With the Fluidnatek platforms, users are able to process blow spinning and electro-blow spinning (the so called electro-blowing), broadening the possibilities and maximizing the flexibility and capabilities of our electrospinning equipment.