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Bioinicia Fluidnatek is the electrospinning technology company of the Bioinicia Group. The Bioinicia Group has developed a strong reputation among electrospinning specialists, due to their innovative approach and expertise in the field. We have emerged as a key player for those seeking cutting-edge solutions in electrospinning.

The Bioinicia Group is an electrospinning company that was established in 2012 as a spin-off of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research – CSIC, which is the network of leading public research centres in Spain. This establishment marked a significant step forward in bringing top electrospinning machine manufacturers and electrospinning process specialists.

The Bioinicia Group now deals in the development and manufacture of nano-structured materials, using electrospinning and electrospraying technologies. It has become the leading electrospinning company and one of the most important world players in needle-based technology for electrospinning. However we are lately offering also needle-less electrospinning solutions. Our position in the market is further strengthened by partnerships established as electrospinning equipment manufacturers with several electrospun product manufacturers, particularly in the medical field, ensuring access to the latest technological advancements.

As a comprehensive electrospinning company, the Bioinicia Group closes the 360º circle by offering its customers: services and products that are highly valued by electrospinning specialists worldwide. In other words, we have established ourselves not just as an electrospinning machine manufacturer but as a complete solution provider in the electrospinning domain. Contract Development projects include the scale up of processes.

In essence, the Bioinicia Group is an electrospinning company with proven process knowledge, knowledge of manufacturing with electrospinning on an industrial level and on a regular basis, and knowledge of electrospinning technology; with the capacity, experience and resources to help its customers process their electrospun products or electrosprayed products, from their design to the process scaling, certification, and manufacturing of these products. This comprehensive approach has made us to become the preferred choice as electrospinning equipment manufacturers by industrial companies and institutions looking for reliable and innovative partners.

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Premium electrospinning-electrospraying technology

From lab equipment for R&D to pilot-scale production plants and large industrial equipment for mass production. All technology and equipment is channelled through Bioinicia Fluidnatek.

Contract Development & Contract Manufacturing Services for electrospun materials (nanofibre-based materials)

For pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as cosmetic products.

Contract Development & Contract Manufacturing Services for nonwovens and other electrospun materials

For filtration and selective separation of substances, mainly channelled through Bioinicia and Proveil.

Contract Development & Contract Manufacturing Services for encapsulation in particles (powder produced by electrospraying)

For sectors such as pharma and functional food/nutraceuticals.


Our team

Our team is our strength. The people at Bioinicia Fluidnatek is a qualified, experienced group of engineers, graduates, technicians and electrospinning process experts with the only goal of serving our customers. Sales and technical support, process support, advising, specific customization design… The customer is at the core of our business and we will be always happy to assist and meet the expectations: we accept the challenge!

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