Stay one step ahead: Metrology in real time

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In-line metrology is an excellent process control tool in some electrospinning applications. An easy, immediate access to data from any location with online metrology is also an available function in some Fluidnatek platforms.  Having metrology systems integrated into the electrospinning machines and providing real-time information while processing provides a huge advantage when producing electrospun sheets or electrospun coatings.

Some Fluidnatek machines may include online metrology systems for different purposes:

In-line area density metrology. For the real-time measurement of the area density or gsm of the deposited nanofibre layer. Likewise, many electrospinning applications require a very precise gsm (grammes per square metre) range of the deposited material for the electrospun membrane to be able to correctly perform the function for which it was designed. Also in this case, depending on each process and application, the area density metrology function may or may not be included and in one specific way or another. Also in this case online metrology can be implemented.

Whenever a customer wishes to include metrology in its process, a development project must be conducted in advance to confirm that metrology can be included in its specific process and that the measurement requirements (precision, repetitiveness etc.) of the customer can be met. If the results of this project are sufficiently satisfactory, the metrology systems can be included in the electrospinning equipment that the customer is to purchase.