Stay one step ahead: Create electrospun yarns

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Fiber-yarn collection system

In addition to producing nonwovens, it is also possible to produce yarns from electrospun fibers using electrospinning and with the right equipment.

This is precisely what the fiber-yarn collection system developed by Fluidnatek does: it produces yarns made up of intertwined electrospun fibers.

There are a wide range of applications for yarns produced using the electrospinning technique: medical suture thread manufactured with bioresorbable materials, sensors, etc.

The Fluidnatek fiber-yarn collection system leverages the versatility of electrospinning, allowing for the creation of highly specialized continuous yarns. These yarns, consisting of ultra-fine fibers attached to each other forming this kind of electrospun yarn or wire, can achieve diameters in the nanometer range, providing unique mechanical and chemical properties. The ability to control the thickness and deposition of the fibers in the electrospun yarn during the electrospinning process, enables the production of customized yarns tailored for specific applications, enhancing both their functional and handling qualities.

Furthermore, the electrospun yarns produced by this method can be integrated into composite materials to improve structural integrity and add functionality. For example, in aerospace and automotive industries, these yarns can be used to develop lightweight yet strong materials that contribute to overall vehicle efficiency. In textiles, electrospun yarns add breathability and flexibility to fabrics, making them ideal for advanced sportswear and technical apparel.

Overall, the Fluidnatek fiber-yarn collection system by electrospinning represents a significant advancement in the field of material science, providing new possibilities for innovation across a multitude of industries. With ongoing research and development, the potential applications of electrospun yarns continue to expand, paving the way for future technological breakthroughs and industry transformations.

Continuous nanofiber yarn using electrospinning, combining 2 different types of PCL (biodegradable polymer).

Continuous nanofiber yarn using electrospinning, combining 2 different polymers: PHB (polymer produced entirely organically) + PCL (biodegradable polymer).