BIODEVICE PLATFORM by Fluidnatek: Power & efficency for 3D medical devices

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The Bioinicia Group has proven experience in the biomedical sector. We have developed projects for medical devices in which the electrospinning process played a fundamental role, and have also developed electrospinning equipment for leading biomedical companies in the development and production of electrospun medical products.

As a result of this experience, we ultimately realised that the biomedical sector required electrospinning equipment with special features that vary depending on the type of application. That is why we developed a range of equipment designed specifically for different, very specific biomedical products and applications: BioTubing®, BioFlat®, BioDevice®, and ProSterile®.

Fluidnatek BioDevice

Engineered electrospinning machine for efficient coatings on more complex medical devices and 3D parts.

If you require a coating process on a medical device with a more complex geometric shape, which does not allow for an efficient coating process using standard equipment, the Fluidnatek LE-500 BioDevice electrospinning machine with a built-in robotic arm in the chamber could be the most suitable, effective, and efficient solution for you. The robotic arm can pick up the medical device or spinning injector and generate the optimal movements and paths for a suitable electrospun coating to be applied to the part.

Medical device coating is taken to the next level!


Advanced software tools that contribute towards the certification of a GMP or ISO process are included in the machine configuration.

Maximum process control, including of course our Environmental Control Unit (ECU) for precise temperature and humidity control in the chamber.

The Fluidnatek LE-500 BioDevice electrospinning machine is an open concept: we can adapt and customise the instrument to meet the customer’s specific user requirements.

The use of electrospinning for medical device coating was never that powerful.


Technical information

See all the features in our technical information sheet.

BioDevice platforms located in a manufacturing clean environment

Coating of a 3D collector in a Fluidnatek BioDevice platform

Coating of a 3D Y-shape collector in a Fluidnatek BioDevice platform

Robotic arm highly versatile for coating of complex 3D shapes

Robotic arm holding the spinning injector and processing

Robotic arm holding an irregular piece to be coated