THE REVOLUTION OF COSMETICS: New success of the Fluidnatek technology for the production of ultrathin fibers by electrospinning

Innovative cosmetic products co-developed by CSIC and Bioinicia: more sustainable and composed only of active ingredients, without excipients and additives: Pure Cosmetics is here!

Patented technology is able to encapsulate compounds in ultra-thin fibers that melt on contact with the skin.

These innovative cosmetic products based on ultra-thin fibers are already available on the market.

Spanish Council for Scientific Research – CSIC, the network of the most excellent research institutes in Spain, together with the company Bioinicia, CDMO of the Bioinicia Group specialized in the development and manufacture of medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products using ultrathin fibers (electrospinning) and particles  (electrospraying), have jointly patented a technology that makes it possible to create cosmetic products, composed entirely of active ingredients with proven efficacy in vivo tests. Using this technique, the ingredients are encapsulated in ultra-thin, water-soluble fibers, which in turn are also composed of cosmetic substances. The technology makes it possible to dispense with all the excipients, conservatives, and additives of conventional cosmetics, while maximizing the penetration and efficacy of the active ingredients.

All these cosmetic products based on highly innovative electrospun fiber-based membranes, which achieve a higher penetration of active ingredients than other conventional cosmetic products, are being manufactured excellently using Fluidnatek electrospinning equipment. More specifically, the process was successfully developed and scaled up using a Fluidnatek LE-500 platform (pilot-production plant), while full-scale manufacturing is taking place using Fluidnatek HT industrial line for mass production.

Using this technology, CSIC and Bioinicia -through its brand Bioinicia Cosmetics– have developed a new line of 100% natural and vegan cosmetic products for the care and improvement of skin health. “They are composed solely of bioactive ingredients, creating a new generation of cosmetics: Pure Cosmetics”, says Dr. José María Lagarón, CSIC researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA) in Valencia, Spain.

Technology is based on the electro-hydrodynamic processing of the technical effect Fiber Boost by electrospinning, which increases the penetration of the active ingredients by more than ten times. These fibers are 100 times thinner than the thickness of a human hair and melt instantly on contact with the skin, providing a clearly noticeable cosmetic effect in just three seconds of application.

“Its double action mechanism is the key”, says Dr. José María Lagarón. “The ultra-thin fibers adhere and adapt perfectly to the skin’s relief and deliver the active ingredients more homogeneously and effectively. In fact, we have measured that some bioactives penetrate up to 10 times more than in conventional liquid formulations”, he explains. “In addition, the active ingredients are protected within the fibers, embedded in the fibers, keeping all their properties intact and maximizing their efficacy”, he says.

Triple conquest of sustainability in cosmetics

While maximizing the penetration and efficacy of active ingredients, the technology also makes it possible to dispense with all the excipients, conservatives and additives that are necessary to stabilize conventional cosmetics, but which nevertheless provide no benefit to the consumer. “This entails a triple conquer when it comes to sustainability in cosmetics”, Dr. Lagarón points out.

Success of Fluidnatek electrospinning technology

Once again, another real, commercially available electrospun product is manufactured on a large scale using Fluidnatek electrospinning equipment. In this case in the field of cosmetics, although electrospun products have previously been developed in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and filtration fields using Fluidnatek electrospinning platforms. It is a further demonstration of the reliability, consistency, and scalability of Fluidnatek technology to produce nanofiber-based products with a wide range of materials and solvents. Fluidnatek is therefore proud to celebrate this milestone, and we wish Bioinicia and CSIC every success in this new venture in the cosmetics sector.