Bioinicia Fluidnatek and The Electrospinning Company further strengthen their collaboration.

Bioinicia Fluidnatek and The Electrospinning Company Ltd. collaborate to provide the medical device industry with unmatched levels of process development and manufacturing capability for electrospun materials and implantable devices. ELECTROSPINNING uses the FLUIDNATEK® electrospinning and electrospraying equipment platform for its biomaterial development and for its custom design, development, and manufacturing services.

The Electrospinning Company facility & Fluidnateck Equipment

FLUIDNATEK & ELECTROSPINNING have been working together since 2017, combining expertise in polymer chemistry and biomaterial design with mechanical and software engineering to deliver innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to medical device product developers. ELECTROSPINNING operates a series of FLUIDNATEK electrospinning machines in its class VII cleanroom facilities which FLUIDNATEK supports with a full maintenance and calibration service to ensure compliance with medical device quality standards.

The Companies are strengthening their partnership with continual improvement projects to customize electrospinning platforms to specific product requirements and to develop data collection and analytical tools for traceability under the ISO13485 requirements for medical device manufacturing and statistical process control. In addition, FLUIDNATEK is supporting ELECTROSPINNING with the development of automated production processes to improve consistency and cost as volumes scale.

Amongst its FLUIDNATEK’s electrospinning equipment, ELECTROSPINNING is using FLUIDNATEK’s BioTubing platform specifically engineered for the production of electrospun tubular structures to be used for structural heart and peripheral vascular interventions. This technology platform address the need for suture-less bonding of medical textiles to a wide range of stent and occluders. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment by FLUIDNATEK and a decade of experience in electrospun non-woven biomaterials by ELECTROSPINNING unlocks the development and manufacturing of a new generation of medical devices now and in the future.

The Electrospinning Company R&D Scietists

About Bioinicia Fluidnatek

The Bioinicia Group based in Valencia, Spain, specializes in electrospinning & electrospraying processes with a focus on pharmaceuticals (drug delivery platforms), biomedical, cosmetics, filtration, and nutraceuticals. Under the Fluidnatek® and Spinbox® brand names, Bioinicia Fluidnatek develops and commercializes electrospinning equipment with a high degree of specialization for the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields.

About The Electrospinning Company

The Electrospinning Company, based on the Harwell Innovation Campus near Oxford in the UK, designs, develops, and manufactures nanofibrous biomaterials for implantable medical devices and regenerative medicine applications. The Company has four technology platforms: Mimetix® resorbable membranes; Kalyptix® non-resorbable membranes; Symatix® bio-synthetic membranes and Coating of medical textiles onto metal and non-metal 3D structures. It offers a range of proprietary materials as well as tailored contract development and manufacturing services, all in validated cleanrooms under ISO 13485 accreditation.